A Fresh New Face on the Floor

If you have done a WOD this week already, you may have run into a brand new face on the coaching team. 

You may have seem him in a class as well.

We at CFA would love to give a big warm welcome to our local French superstar Fabien Brumaud.  An ex rugby union player (Wingers don't really count as players though).  He has a varied sporting and technical background which brings with it a wide range of training ideas and a large knowledge base.

After recently relocating from Paris, he has quickly settled into Dutch lifestyle and has already expressed a keen interest in practicing speaking dutch as much as possible.

He comes with a passion for CrossFit.  He is often away judging competitions and takes a keen interest in ensuring all members of the community get stronger and fitter.  He will do his best to meet all the members but don't hesitate in introducing yourself to him when you see him around the gym.  

Welcome to the team!


02 July 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam