Terms and conditions

Art. 1 Applicability.

These terms and conditions are valid for every member of CrossFit Amsterdam, to be called CFA from now on. Members will be able to read the Terms and Conditions when signing up for a membership. They will declare and confirm by signing these terms and conditions to have read the terms and conditions and the house rules and accepted them. CFA will be permitted to change any of the terms & conditions or house rules or to add new ones as deemed reasonable.

Art 2. Membership.

A valid membership will be known as a membership for a period of three, six or twelve months and is where the member can participate in the classes that are  valid with the membership. Signing up for a membership via the internet is a legal act according to law book number 7, article 46A/D. These membership details will be strictly confidential.

Art 3. Costs membership.

Every member will pay the membership-fee belonging to the chosen membership. The membership-fee will be paid in advance for the following month via automatic bank transfer or Credit Card.  This will occur every month, half year or full year as per contract. CFA will periodically determine the amount of the membership-fees.

Payment of the membership-fee will be done via automatic bank-transfer before the 1st of the month. If, for any reason, a payment cannot be made the amount has to be paid within one week. If payment cannot be made for more than 8 days participation in the classes can be denied. After receiving the outstanding amount participation in the classes can continue.

Art. 4 Membership period.

Memberships will be activated for a period of 3 months (after which cancellation can be done after each month), 6 months (after which cancellation can be done after each month) or 12 months with a frequency of 2, 3 or unlimited workouts every week. After the contract period is over it will be automatically renewed to a membership which has the same frequency of workouts. The contract will not be automatically renewed if the member communicates otherwise 14 days before the end of the membership. Temporarily terminating the membership or return of payments that are made will not be possible. Exceptions will be judged by the management in extraordinary circumstances.

Art 5. Terminating Membership.

In one of the following events CFA will have the right to terminate any membership without communicating a cause:
- Without warning, if the member violates any of the house rules and/or terms and conditions in a serious way or misbehaves seriously according to judgement of CFA management. There will be no returning of payments.
- With a written warning beforehand if membership fees have not been paid 30 days after date.

Art 6. Changing of Membership.

During the membership period, members can upgrade their membership to any variation with a higher frequency. Requests have to be done before payment of the next membership fee each month by email to CFA. Any upgrading will be starting after the payment of the new membership fee. The new membership will be active until the end of the current contract period. Downgrading a membership will only be possible after the end of the current contract period.

Art 7. Liability.

Members will use the equipment and materials of CFA at their own risk and responsibility. CFA management and CFA coaches can not be held responsible when a member sustains injury, damage or passes away during class or when present in the facility or surrounding areas, whether or not that member uses the equipment and/or materials available. No member will hold CFA responsible for any damage to members or third persons during the presence in the facility or surrounding areas, as a consequence of negligence or abnormal behavior of the member.

Art 8. Refunds and Returns.
All fees and other amounts paid to CrossFit Amsterdam under the Agreement are non-refundable in all events. Returns for CrossFit Amsterdam products and apparel, which may include, without limitation, t-shirts, hats, sports equipment or other physical or tangible products, will be allowed within fourteen (14) days of purchase, with proof of purchase or receipt.

Art 9. Other business.
All members give permission to CFA to use any sort of video material, photography material or other visual material of groups or individuals for publication and social media. Personal information will be used only for internal means and won’t be given to third parties. CFA will have the right to adjust opening times as a consequence of cleaning, decoration purposes, repair, special occasions, vacations or other reasons, but will try to inform the members beforehand. CFA also reserves the right to make adjustments to pricing, products and service offerings for reasons including, but not limited to, changing market conditions, product discontinuation, product unavailability, manufacturer price changes and errors in advertisements.