31 July 2020 | by CrossFit Amsterdam



CrossFit Coach and Yoga Fan
Coach Mark is a big fan of CrossFit and Yoga and strives for a perfect balance between both. 
In other words, Yin and Yang.
He is very experienced in both and loves to teach our athletes good movements. Read what he is all about and get to know him a little better.

How did you start CrossFit and why CrossFit Amsterdam?
That goes back a loooong time ago. About 9 years. I was already interested in CrossFit back then. Hearing about it from a coach at one of the few kickboxing classes I did. I searched it up online and found From there I started doing workouts in my bedroom. Trying to master the courage to go to the nearest box and actually join. Which was CFA. Also it was one of the only 7 (!) locations in the whole country. It was scary at first. But at the same time it was so exciting! One of the best decisions I ever made.

When did you start coaching?
I started coaching about two years after joining as a member. I was already doing a lot of my own research on movements in CrossFit, trying to master the technique, watching videos and reading articles. From there it evolved into me just helping people out in classes a bit more when they were struggling with something. Eventually you guys send out a newsletter that you were looking for new coaches. I immediately knew I had to respond!

What is your favorite movement?
If I can do strict Muscle-ups all day long I’m a happy guy. Love the technique and strength that it takes to develop these. And when you actually get your first it’s very cool! Also it just looks impressive. 

Who is your favorite CrossFit Athlete?
No doubt Chris Spealler. He is not competing anymore but was (and still is) a very well-known name in the CrossFit community worldwide. He used to compete in the CrossFit Games from 2007 till 2014. As a smaller guy he always had to perfect his technique to be able to keep up with the bigger guys on the field. For me as a smaller guy as well that’s very inspiring. Also I had the honor of meeting him in person a couple years ago. Turns out he is also a genuinely nice guy. 

If you had to pick one; CrossFit or Yoga?
A very difficult question indeed haha! I’m actually doing a yoga teacher training right now so in about half a year I will be able to call myself CrossFit Coach and Yoga Teacher. I would say that one cannot exist without the other for me. You need your CrossFit workouts and strength training. But you also need your recovery and mobility which can come in the form of yoga. 

Do you have any other hobbies than CrossFit and Yoga?
Actually me and my girlfriend picked up hiking as a hobby of ours. I used to hate it when I was a teenager. But times change. It’s such a nice way to get into nature and to discover spots you normally would not reach by car or by bike. 

What is your favorite book and why?
I think it has to be the Harry Potter series. Read them so many times. And still it’s such a good story! Also the Lord of the Rings trilogy is so good!

Since you are a very sportive guy, what’s up with the scooter?
Haha well I must admit I’m getting a bit lazy. Whenever my girlfriend doesn’t need it I grab it. And I get to wear my Star Wars X-wing fighter helmet :-).

What are your goals in CrossFit right now?
I found that after 9 years of training my goals have changed a lot. From trying to get stronger, faster and fitter all the time to now trying to maintain a good general physical fitness. I’m not looking for a new Snatch PR for example. I want to be fit, feel good and stay away from injuries. 

What is your favorite healthy meal?
I think it has to be a veggie omelet with lot’s of avocado on the side and some sourdough bread.