05 August 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam


Sebastiaan "Fitman" Hartog

Member since 2013

If you have been in the box at any stage you are sure to have bumped into this bald headed weapon strutting around the gym, probably wearing the latest CrossFit gear (the joys of being a part time male model). A long time member, he is up to try anything - Strongman, Obstacle Course racing and even Ultimate Team Challenge. It is fair to say that he makes being in the box just a little more enjoyable and is always up for a chat!

What would be your dream workout?
Give me "The Battleground" of the Games 2018. Running, obstace course and gymnastics. I'm a fan of aything with running and gymnastics.

When did you join CrossFit Amsterdam?
August, 2013.

How long have you been doing CrossFit for?
Almost six years.

What workout would you want to avoid?  
Kalsu. I have still managed to avoid it but will have to do it one day.

Favourite CrossFit Athlete?  
Chris Spealler and Annie Thorisdottir. In the Netherlands Elwin ter Avest and Sigrid Koolhaas.

What is the best thing you own that cost under $100?  
My blender.

Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?
Purple and blue hair, pink shirts with high collar and wrinkle shirts.  I was a gabber as well as a skater nd everything in between in my younger days.

Favourite quote?
"I have never done it so I can probably do it" (Pipi Langkous), and "If you don't like where you are, move, you aren't a tree" (Kevin Weijers), and "Fitness is the new health" (Martin Hersman)

Funniest thing that happened to you recently?
Hitting me head while snatching - We have all done it at some point.

If you could have one other CrossFit Amsterdam members body part, what would it be?
The looks of Eric Moes, the accent of Dustin, the power of Kars and the pro athlete appearence of Denise.

*Editors Note - It seems Fitman doesn't understand one or body part but we will let this slide.

Who are your three favourite bands/musican of all time?
I listen to so many bands. At the moment I would choose Post Malone, The Amity Affliction and The Beatles. I like to listen to all sorts of different music.