03 October 2019 | by CrossFit Amsterdam

Member of the Month

Lucia Ganova

Member since 2016

If you haven't seen Lucia around the gym we can't blame you - She has a habit of sneaking in and finding a spot at the back of a class (We still notice you Lucia :) ).  A lady who keeps her head down and just gets on with it.  Fantastic attitude when she comes in and we as coaches can see how hard she works and how much she loves to improve every single session.  Without a doubt the best Slovakian we know and our defending Fittest of the Box Scaled Division Champion.  An absolute pleasure to have in the community.

What would be your dream workout?
Anything with a barbell. 

When did you join CrossFit Amsterdam?
I hope my memory serves me correctly but I think June 2016

How long have you been doing CrossFit for?
Not sure but I started CrossFit back in Slovakia

What workout would you want to avoid?

Anything with Handstand Push Ups.  Not really mastered the skill just yet so they are a real pain in my ass!

Favourite CrossFit Athlete?
Has to be our charming and very handsome coach Dustin.  

Note: Editor may or may not have taken journalistic freedom with this answer, we can't be sure.

What is the best thing you own that cost under $100?
I am addicted to coffee so it has to be my espresso machine.

Biggest fashion mistake you've ever made?
Happened years ago.  I bought a new jacket and thought I had removed all the price tags.  I had been wearing the jacket all day, however around noon someone approached me and said there was still one price tag left on my jacket - I was walking around with a big orange 50% discount sticker.

Favourite quote?
"Those who don't jump will never fly"

Funniest thing that happened to you recently?
Was working from our offices in Slovakia and went to checked out on my previous team and they were asking me how I am doing, they started to have big smiles on their faces so I asked if I have lunch leftover over my face and they started to laugh and told me I was talking to them in English ;-)

If you could have one other CrossFit Amsterdam members body part, what would it be?
Tricky question.  Probably Dustin's smile, Dustin's deep blue eyes and Dustin's torso to leg ratio.

Note: Once again we can't be positive this was her exact answer, but we made an educated guess on her behalf.

Who are your three favourite bands/musican of all time?

  • IMT Smile (SLovakian Band) - lost my voice at their concert.
  • Justin Timberlake - Knows how to put on a great concert.
  • Imagine Dragons - 

I really like all sorts of music!