01 January 1970 | by CrossFit Amsterdam


Masja Kristelijn

Member since 2016
You will find Masja at the gym at all sorts of odd hours.  It might be strongman, or an early morning class or maybe even a powerlifting class.  Two things about her that you will always notice - 1. Her willingness to get better and develop everytime she walks into a class (always asking questions and always trying to learn) and 2. She always wears bright and cheerful clothing.  She surprised herself in the CrossFit Open this year with some remarkable personal achivements.  Always a pleasure to have in the box! 

What would be your dream workout?
My favorite movements are rope climbs, handstand walks and backsquats. So any combination would be perfect.
When did you join Crossfit Amsterdam? How long have you been a member
I joined our box in March 2016 and made great friends and got a lot stronger since then.
What workout would you want to avoid?
I only check the WOD Blog 30 mins before, to make sure I don't sign out when I see wallballs or atlas stone in the program. Usually it's only a mental thing, and afterwards I'm always happy I pushed through.
Favourite Crossfit Athlete?
Christmas Abbott since she was my first inspiration with workouts and diet when I started in 2016. And I follow the vlog of Brooke Ence on Youtube. She is so funny and a tough cookie.
Whats the best thing you own that cost under $100?
My bicycle by now is worth far under 100 euro by now, but it takes me everywhere around Amsterdam where I wanna be.
Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made?
Fashion? What's that?? ha, ha, ha. Maybe appearing in Strongman class Saturday morning without any make-up??
Favourite quote?
 "Il dolce far niente" I love Italy and therefore learned Italian. This phrase means the 'sweet doing nothing' which is very hard for me, as we say in Dutch: ik heb geen rust in mijn kont! Therefore, last April I have tattooed this on my left wrist in the handwriting of my father (my Yin half) to remind me of this. So far it's not helping much .. hahaha
Most used emoji? 
Thumps up!
If you could have one other CrossFit Amsterdam members body part, what would it be?
Man, that is a difficult question, since all members have their particular strengths! From time to time Maggy Szabo from the US drops in. She is about the same height as me, but almost twice the muscles!! I would go for those.   #allaboutmaggie
Whats your 3 favourite bands/musican of all time?
I love, love music .. for now it is: Beth Hart @home, Korn and Rage against the machine @CFA