01 March 2023 | by CrossFit Amsterdam


Member of the Month March 2023 - Jennifer Jongen

Member since 2020
You will see her at some odd hours across the gym due to her hectic Doctor schedule.  Always gives 100% and constantly striving to get better.  Loves a barbell and has increased her fitness significantly over the past few years.  An absolute pleasure to have in the gym and and a very coachable athlete.

What would be your dream workout?

Long conditional workout with pulls ups and high(er) volume cleans, for instance: 20min EMOM: 10 cleans 45 kg, 15 pull ups, 20 burpee over the bar, 30 kcal row


When did you join Crossfit Amsterdam?

Mid 2020, after the love of my life Edwin  convinced me to stop at Vondelgym and come completely over to CFA. 


How long have you been doing CrossFit for? 

I started at Vondelgym Oost in 2018. 


What workout would you want to avoid?  

A work out with muscle ups (since I find it so frustrating that I am not able to do one (neither bar, nor ring)), handstand walk (same story….I just can’t walk up side down) and DU’s (Some days they’re good, some days I hardly make one) 


Favorite Crossfit Athlete?  

Would be Baylee Rayl. I just love her vibe and I admire here body.


What is the best thing you own that costs under $100?  

My indoor plants 


Biggest fashion mistake you’ve ever made? 

The kite poncho I wear in the evening at home; pink with palmtrees on it. (The author suggests this is a fashion flex)


Favorite quote?

‘Easy with the chalk bro, you’re not baking muffins here’ 


Funniest thing that happened to you recently? 

Probably my theatrical reaction to the smallest spider somewhere in my surroundings. Although that might also just be funny to the people around me. 


If you could have one other CrossFit Amsterdam member's body part, what would it be? 

Bigger legs that lift more than mine…


Who are your three favorite bands/musicians of all time? 

  1. Adele / John Legend
  2. Ludovico Einaudi / Yiruma
  3. Reinier Zonneveld / Charlotte de Witte