11 May 2020 | by CrossFit Amsterdam
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Return to Crossfit Amsterdam

Hello Hello!

Well as you may or may not know we here at CrossFit Amsterdam are re-opening our doors on Tuesday 12th May. Sure the schedule will be modified and the class sizes reduced but we will still be doing our best to give you the best hour of your day!

The closing of gyms has led to drastic changes in training styles for many people around the world. For those of us without the luxury of a home gym, we have been forced to get creative by utilizing weighted backpacks, gallons of water and of course our own bodyweight. We have done enough air squats for the rest of the year! We know you are itching to get back on a barbell and the pull up bar.

As we start to get back into the swing of things it is important to understand how the temporary shift in training that many of us experienced can expose us to increased injury risk. Reintroducing load, volume and intensity in a controlled manner is going to be super important for your own health and safety.

We often run into movement based injuries when we do “too much too soon, after too little for too long.” Essentially we perform activities that exceed our bodies capacity. In any return to sport, the ultimate goal is to prepare the body for the stress that will be placed upon it.

We will find that not many of us have spent time hanging from a pull up bar or performing any sort of barbell movement for two to three months. In that time you have not lost the “skill’ of Butterfly Pull Ups. You have not lost the “skill” of performing Hang Power Cleans. Rather you have lost some of the capacity, strength and endurance of those muscles that are stressed most when performing those movements. Of course you won’t be as strong or as fit as you were when coronavirus first shut us down, however please know that your fitness and strength will return, you just have to be patient and move safely.

Our first few weeks back at CrossFit Amsterdam we will continue to focus on quality movement, progressive volume accumulation building a strong base fitness level. So please listen to the coaches, modify workouts as required, be safe, leave your ego at the gate and most importantly have fun!  

Just a reminder of the things you need to know prior to showing up for a class: 
1. Sign in via Mind and Body as per normal.
2. Reduced class sizes of 9 people - So please be extra aware of late cancellations.
3. Classes will be 50 minutes long to enable cleaning of equipment.  Please try and show up only 5 minutes before your scheduled class time.
4. We encourage members not to socialise out the front of the box - head home as soon as you can after finishing class
5. Obviously we have toilets available when necessary, however the showers, changing rooms and lockers won’t be.
6. Bring your own water bottles.
7. If you require chalk please bring a small container and we will have some available for your own personal use.
8. At this stage training is restricted to classes only - No Open Box. 

We ask that you respect all social distancing requirements. Also, if you are unwell or recovering from an illness please refrain from working out.  

We understand that all activities now undertaken have increased safety risks - If you are still fearful or extremely cautious regarding the virus please speak to a coach prior to signing up for a class to fully understand what your training options are. 

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