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Do you have what it takes?

The way to find out if CrossFit suits you, is to experience it in our box! Young, old, fit, out of shape, with or without experience: CrossFit is for everyone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone. 

Do not be intimidated by all the CrossFit video’s you’ll find on the interwebs!
CrossFit is for everyone who wants to get better than they were yesterday. With our Try Out we introduce you to some of the easier CrossFit movements and help you get your first work out in. And once the first one is done, you’re already fitter than you were yesterday! Hail to that!

Right now we don't have try outs for beginners, but if you have experience you can email us for a free trial session.
If you don't have experience yet, we recommend that you come by the box to check it out.

Let’s try this!

Cool that you’re interested! Currently we don't have any try Outs planned. You can always come by at the box and see what it's like.

Do the Try Out