My dream of having a box of my own was born in NYC! When everything was set to go, I knew exactly how it should be: a strong and fit community of people that are for real. People that love to train hard and relax hard and have lot’s of fun doing so! All this combined with a creative and rough unfil- tered style makes us CrossFit Amsterdam. I’m extremely proud of our community and coaching staff. Let’s meet the team!

Jarno Bonhof, owner of CrossFit Amsterdam



In 2011 Marlene joined CrossFit Amsterdam. Immediately she fell in love with CrossFit and the community and is now a co-owner and Jarno’s partner in crime. Working less because of a mini CrossFitter at home, but she still loves coming to the box to work and hang out with the coaches and the community.

Box Manager / WOD Programmer/ Coach

Dustin Fergus

Our Box Manager from the land Down Under! He is a bit of a CrossFit addict/freak. He loves training twice a day, competed at Lowlands Throwdown in 2017 and 2018 and really likes sharing his love for this sport with our members. Our community of like minded people are always his first priority when managing the box. He loves teaching CrossFit, organizing community events and making people feel at home.

admin / coach / gymnastics & mobility

Mark Schalkwijk

Mark has a background in Social Psychology and is a Coach in our box for several years now. He is passionate about CrossFit, Gymnastics, Mobility and Yoga. He has always been very eager to learn and develop himself as a CrossFit coach in all varieties. In addition to the lessons, Mark is our admin guru and also ensures that our athletes do not miss a thing when it comes to news about our box. With regularity, he writes our newsletter and he shares all kind info. What can we say? CrossFit is his life!



After winning medals in several sports, such as Figure Skating, American Football and Thai Boxing, Michaela fell in love with CrossFit. As soon as she walked into our box she was welcomed by our community and made friends for life. CrossFit is her passion now and by coaching she gets to share that passion with us. She loves competing and expects everyone in her class to give their best. She won’t settle for less. We are very happy to have her in our team.

COACH / STRONGMAN & Powerlifting


Our very first member. Back in 2009 Perry joined Jarno in his first CrossFit WODs. And after sticking with us for all these years Perry even changed his career and became a coach. Perry teaches CrossFit classes, Strongman class and the Power Hour. We can truly say, CrossFit changed his life! Perry has a lot of knowledge about training and nutrition, so pick his brain with any question you have!

Coach / Mobility / Kids & Parents

MEREL van der Linden

Our "Wild Child”! Merel is a good coach with a big passion for CrossFit, teaching and coaching. She’s the whirlwind in our box, with a lot of energy and a good spirit! Follow her classes and pick up on her energy and support.
CrossFit Kids and Parents is always such great fun with her, that if you don’t have a kid that you can join with, you must consider borrowing one from friends so you can get the experience too!

She’s a keeper!

Weightlifting Guru/ French...

Fabien Brumaud

Fabien! Our French recruit!
He applied for a job as coach at CrossFit Amsterdam and the moment he walked into the box we knew he was good for our team and community.
He has a lot of knowledge, coaching and judging experience and is passionate about CrossFit and Weightlifting in every way.
He seems very serious, but to us he has already proven that there's at least one Frenchman with a sense of humor!
Now that's a WIN!
Fabien stopped coaching regular classes and only teaches Weightlifting on Wednesdays. Make sure to join his classes!



The box Dog with a capital D.
With a body weight of 75kg (165lbs) and a
Fran time of 2:53 he can not be ignored.
But don’t get intimidated by that,
he is actually a really sweet and loving friend
for many people in the box. Buddy is a true CrossFitter. He loves being lazy, eats a loooooot of food and occasionally does a short and intense work out! He’s friendly to everyone who comes with good intentions. But if your intensions are harmful, we wish you luck...


We strive to improve our team with talented and motivated coaches only.

Send us your resume and motivational letter if you're an experienced CrossFit Coach who is humble, eager to learn and has no greater passion than working with athletes.

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